Ways to Make Modern Valentine’s Day Décor

Small Accents Framed

An idea is to find a piece that works as a smaller focal point. For example, you might find a framed piece, as in the photo above. Something like that would go on the wall, or you could even place it on the mantle. You can then place small red accents around the room to reinforce the cohesion of the design.

This concept works best with a framed work of art. But you can be creative in finding other elegant accents. For example, you might find a modern red heart piece on a stand. You can also opt for a simple and elegant crown for Valentine’s Day.

Use accent colors

Another idea for a modern Valentine’s Day is to use bright red or bright pink as the accent color. In current styles, accent colors are popular. They add a fun note to neutral and light color combinations that define contemporary styles.

You can see an example of how this could work in the photo above. Vibrant shades of red appear in space, a natural color for Valentine’s Day. Then you can easily add a piece of red heart on a shelf to set the tone for the holidays. And if you already have red or pink as the accent color, a heart decor article idea is an obvious choice.

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