The Beginner’s Guide to the Best Smart Thermostats


The latest generation of Ecobee makes your life easier with its voice control. In fact, it has an integrated Alexa speaker. Not only can he adjust the temperature, but he can also tell you the weather, how your favorite team is doing, a joke and more. Ecobee is also not specific to Amazon. You can use it with your Google Assistant or Siri. Moreover, its application is a breeze to navigate.

In addition to the excellent ways Ecobee4 can integrate with your other home technologies, it’s important to note that this is an excellent thermostat in itself. It allows you to place sensors throughout your house so you can measure the temperature throughout the day, keeping the spaces you want in the defined hours. It also uses geofences, which means that it uses your smartphone to track your location. If you leave the house, the temperature can be moderated accordingly. And he can follow you as you approach, allowing you to go home as you like.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest has been the first big name in smart home technology and has been among the best smart thermostats for years. Today, other companies are struggling to make a living, but they remain a solid choice. The Nest Learning Thermostat builds on their strong legacy. After a week, he learns and adapts to your schedule, becomes smarter and saves you more energy. He also works with Google or Alexa.

Plus, if you’re looking for a fully connected home, Nest also offers security cameras (Nest Cam) and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms (Nest Protect).

If you do not want to pay the high price for the best Nest offer, take a look at the Nest E thermostat. Made from plastic instead of Nest’s glass and stainless steel, the price is set lower.

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