Classy, Modern Ways to Decorate with Hearts

Opt for natural textures

Another idea to decorate with hearts is to focus on the texture. An example is the photo above, where you can see the textured stick heart on the wall.

By focusing on different textures like this, you can incorporate hearts into any style. For example, a metal heart could fit into an industrial theme. A lace hanging heart could fit into a Victorian theme. A distressed wooden heart could be a country or another rustic theme. Or a basic outline of a neutral color heart could fit into minimalist or modern homes. And that could work all year long.

Be creative with tiles

Speaking of ideas for drawings throughout the year, the heart of the photo above is definitely a permanent feature. The red heart on the dark background also gives the design a bold appearance. Although you can make a neutral color with the heart to keep it more modern. And placing a large heart pattern in the middle of the wall would allow it to be a focal point.

You do not have to just stick to the bathroom for that idea either. You can also place a modern heart pattern in a kitchen backsplash. Hearts could even go on the floor tiles. This is a very versatile option, if you are open to a more complex remodeling project.

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